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Europe's well-being is at stake. Inequality is on the increase, European unemployment is at 11%, with countries such as Greece and Spain at over 20% and youth unemployment at almost 50% , and reforms that pursue GDP growth at all cost are no longer delivering prosperity or well-being for all.

 An economic system not fit for purpose. The dominant neoliberal ideology in Europe has established a system where the interests of the few come before the general well-being of citizens. The competitiveness and short-term growth narrative has been used to lower social standards and labour conditions across various employment sectors.

Europe is being driven towards false solutions. In addition, Europe's current obsession with GDP growth has promoted ever increasing natural resource extraction and pollution. Europe's consumption of resources, whether is it materials, land or water as well as greenhouse gas emissions, are one of the highest in the world , making the European continent one of the most dependent on the abundant and unlimited supply of natural resources for its wellbeing, economy and jobs. As demand for an ever increasing finite amount of global resources is set to increase in the coming decades , conflicts to access these are likely to become the norm.

The Greens/EFA group believe that current policies are putting the European economy, jobs, the environment and citizens’ well-being at risk and campaigns for the EU to introduce policies that enable us to have a good quality of life and a fair economic system that respects the environment's limits.